Company Statement


Dedication, quality, and exceptional service. These simple, yet powerful words, are the foundation of what makes IPEC the new standard bearer in the petroleum industry. From our beginning in July 2011, and with 18 years of professional involvement in the business, we understand that each customer needs to be treated to an “above and beyond” type of experience, beginning with superb customer support, and the most competitive and exceptional pricing in the industry. Each client will not just become another “invoice”, but will be presented with the type of one on one, personalized service that is the cornerstone of what makes, and WILL make IPEC, stand out among its peers. Though IPEC is a fledgling company, our experience in the petroleum sector is not, with almost two decades of in depth involvement within the industry. We stand by our company’s adage: dedication, service, and quality, which we strictly adhere to when interacting with each and every customer that we do business with. IPEC’s reach is vast, supplying petroleum based components to facilities that deal with petroleum based products and parts, from service stations to chemical and petroleum plants, both domestically and internationally. And with our 7500 square foot warehouse facility in Connecticut, rest assured that we have a vast array of parts ready to deliver at a moment’s notice. In the event that we do not have the part that you are looking for, you can confide in the knowledge that we will make a concerted effort to acquire the product and deliver it within the timeframe that you wish. Dedication, quality, and exceptional service. Let IPEC show you how committed we are to following through on our pledge to you. Thank You again for all your support and loyalty these past 4 years.